Amy Wells


Some DJs seem destined for club success from a young age, others have to work tirelessly, slogging through dead end clubs and gigs before their big chance and others – like Amy Wells – were simply in the right place at the right time for their first big break.

After hearing Amy’s bedroom mixes, award-winning house party Electric Days got in touch and were so passionate in their pitch to sign her up, that Aussie-born Amy could only say yes. It’s become a brilliant musical marriage as both Amy and Electric Days have risen together in tandem through the city’s growing club scene.

Amy’s musical heritage is a global one, having been brought up in New York, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand, and that multi-cultural history is present in her cutting edge dancefloor selections. Growing up, Amy first flexed her limbs on the guitar, keyboard and drums, taking in a range of diverse influences including Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, St Germain and Broadway musicals (we said it was diverse). And that eclectic nature can be heard in her sets, as sexy deep house beats are blended with cheeky bootlegs, classic edits and – when she hits her stride – deep, hypnotic, almost minimal grooves.

She’s an instrumental part of Electric Days’ success, having been there at the very beginning, and is equally adept at opening up the night – one of the hardest jobs of a resident DJ – as she is taking control of the closing set and pumping up the volume, getting feet moving and hands in the air. Most recently, she was a key part of the hugely successful Electric Days tent at the 6th Abu Dhabi Creamfields, responsible for a tent-wide chant of ‘One more tune’ at the end of the night. As we said, Amy has the knack of being in the right place at the right time.